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Dongguan Huen Yi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly HuenChen), is headquartered in Taiwan, with branches in Dongguan, Guangdong, China, and Kunshan, Jiangsu, with offices in Quanzhou, Fujian. Specializing in the production of luggage, stationery, strollers, hardware riveting machines, heading machines and cutting machines. Adhering to a strong R&D team, professional technology, a full range of precision processing equipment, modern workshops and production lines, and an enterprise spirit of honest service, the company has become a professional manufacturer of (rivet machines, cutting machines, stationery machines, heading machines, etc.) One of the exporters. Due to the advanced design of the production machine; the stability of quality-the body is made of FC30 high-grade cast iron, which is completely returned to eliminate internal stress, wear resistance, and no deformation, and the automatic lubrication system makes the machine run smoothly, while reducing the degree of wear. With extended machine trial life and high-quality after-sales service, the products are sold at home and abroad, and have a high reputation in the industry. Constantly pursuing technological breakthroughs and innovations is the belief that Hongchang Machinery insists on. We deeply understand that only by continuously devoting itself to the research and development of technology, can Hongchang Machinery continue to advance and develop, and Hongchang machinery with better performance and superior quality will be displayed. .



Founding the factory has a history of more than 40 yearsCompany history

Hongchang Machinery is a professional binding equipment manufacturer with 40 years of manufacturing experience. Since its establishment, quality has always been our goal.

Committed to research, innovation and developmentTechnology and innovation

The main manufacturer of riveting machines for travel, luggage, baby carriages, sun chairs, stationery files, fasteners and hardware. Mainly used in the luggage industry, baby carriages, footwear, auto parts, hand tools, hardware accessories, leather, furniture, handbags, boxes, daily necessities, etc.

High efficiency, high quality, high productivityCorporate efficiency

Hongchang is committed to the development of sophisticated machinery. With its insistence on products, it not only has a certain market valuation rate in the international market, but also won praise from customers. For many years, we have been adhering to providing customers with high quality, high efficiency, high output, good service and reasonable prices.

Customized production and whole plant equipmentProduction and equipment

Hongchang provides customized services for machinery, and can design corresponding molds according to customers' products.



Quality serviceQuality service

Professional after-sales personnel provide one-to-one service, handle quality complaints 24 hours a day, and visit customers regularly.

High market shareMarket Share

With a market share of more than 20%, it is a good helper for factory safety in production and reduction of industrial accidents.



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